Never Run Out Of Propane With Tank Monitoring!

What is Tank Monitoring? Our Tank Monitors measure the level of our customers propane tanks and transmit to our back office. This allows us remote viewing and logistical management that increases our operational efficiency. Our customers have full access to this data via the Inter Island Propane/Tank Utility App. Not only does this offer a 100% no run-out guarantee, our tank monitors ultimately lowers the cost of propane to our customers.


That is Right! We are so confident in our new service that we are guaranteeing a 100% no run-out policy plus many benefits that come with your Gold Customer Care & Tank Monitoring Plan




* 100% no run out guarantee: If you run out while your tank is monitored, we will give you a $100 credit on your account.

* Because we can see your daily tank level, Monitored tanks can be topped off for upcoming weather events.

* Save Energy and Money by monitoring your usage.

* Traditional methods include drivers unexpectedly coming to your property and physically checking your tank level. With a monitor- we only come when you want your tank to be filled.

* Check Your Data for abnormal propane use: Did you forget to turn off the heat? Leave a window open? Thermostat malfunctioning? Underground line leaking? Heating system or fireplace stop working while your away? Your monitor is a powerful tool.

* Customize your own low tank percentage alerts with email or text notifications.

* Have a Generator? During a power outage, your monitor will automatically notify our office to dispatch a driver to make sure your tank stays full.

* Vacation Rental Homeowners can monitor the propane use. Did your guest leave the heat on high? The provided Detailed graphs can help with determining your per night cost.

* Monitor your tank from anywhere using your iPhone, Android device or computer.

* FREE Underground Tank Cathodic Test every two years


TRIAL PERIOD: The first six-month Trial Period is FREE.

We will use this time to try and collect as much data as possible to help forecast your usage after we remove the monitor.


After the six month trial, if you like the 100% no run-out guarantee and all of the extra GOLD CUSTOMER CARE benefits that come with your tank being monitored, there is a $99.99 yearly charge that covers the daily cell plan, monitoring software and all maintenance, repair or replacement of the units. We hope you enjoy our newly offered service.

Inter Island Propane Tank Utility Monitor

Photo Gallery

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How to Setup Your Tank Monitor Account

#1 Download the APP 


#2 Create Account


click “Register Here.”  and create your Tank Utility Account.

#3 Enter Device ID


1) Tap on the button with three lines at the top-right
2) Tap on “Add New Device”
3) Enter the Device ID that is located on top of email or letter sent to you or found on the back of your tank monitor (ID is not case sensitive)
4) Follow prompts to finish

We are a phone call away if you need assistance.