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Above Ground Tank Installation

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Underground Tank Installation

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Gas Line Installations, Change Out Regulators and More

Tank Installations

Everything you need to know about installing a propane tank on your property

Where Can I Install a Tank?

Location of a tank is all dependent on the size. The larger the tank the farther away it must be from a building/ source of ignition. Please look at the picture to the left for more information. Also you can always contact the office to schedule a tech to come out and talk about placement and sizes.

How Deep Do Gas Lines Have To Be Placed?

Gas lines must be 18 inches underground. The ground covering it needs to adequately protect the line from any damage. All excavation is supplied by the customer.

What Are The Hole Dimensions For An Underground Tank?

  • 500 gallon tank 65" Deep x 5' Wide x 12' Long

  • 1000 gallon tank 65" Deep x 5'Wide x 20' Long

  • 18" trench and all excavation supplied by customer

What are the different tank dimensions?

There are many different tank Dimensions Click the Button below to see a detailed list.



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